The Best Mini Cameras For 2020

Best Mini Cameras For 2020

A security camera, spy camera, or a hidden camera is still considered a video camera used to record people without their knowledge. When filming a reality TV show a “hidden camera” is used, sometimes the people know it’s there and give their consent and sometimes they don’t consent.

The term “spy camera” most of the time is used when a person would object to being filmed because it would be an invasion of their privacy. Then a “security camera” would be used to provide a justification of an event and record it either on a phone, tablet or a computer.

The camera could be hidden, so it would not be seen to the person being filmed or is disguised as another object. They are made very small where they could be built into a TV set, a smoke detector, a ball cap, plants, a mobile phone, a pen or even a table clock or wall clock. Because they are made so small they are very useful for household surveillance. Sometimes business’ would use them for security purposes. The lower costs of these cameras’s have increased the usage for legitimate surveillance needs.

A mini camera has various uses. You could take candid shots for use later – record and then be able to go over the footage after and make sure you didn’t miss anything. Getting harassed? This is a perfect piece of equipment to record the people or person harassing you. There is nothing like a mini camera to prove your case. Even job interviews, where you could record the interview, go over it later, so it would help improve your interview skills.

Being able to watch over you kids while in the next room to record things they may do. Or maybe using it as a nanny cam which is very prevalent in todays world. Not only for the kids but also for the elderly. If you are a delivery person to record when delivering food or packages for a living, it’s a safe way not to have any discrepancies.

Owning a business and dealing with customers, some issues can become overwhelming. Keep a mini camera on your belt or in your hand and record things to protect your rights and job. I would like to bring you some mini cameras that are out there today, not only mini body cameras or dash cameras but the hidden ones in your homes as well.


Rhea HD 720p Nanny Cam Picture Frame Hidden Camera with IR Night Vision and 2 Year Standby Life

1 – Best Rhea HD 720p Nanny Cam Picture Frame Hidden Camera with IR Night Vision and 2 Year Standby Life

One never knows what can happen when trusting someone else with our most valuable possessions. This is why this RHEA HD 720p Nanny Cam Picture Frame Camera is ideal to keep an eye on things in your home or office while you are away. The camera is hidden in this sleek black picture frame. Having a 2-year battery capacity in stand-by mode, and a hidden IRs for a clear picture during the day or night.

The Zetronix Rhea Picture Frame Camera has a 720p video and audio recording capability. Although good-looking, this picture frame gives no indication of it’s true usage. It can be placed almost anywhere, on a bookshelf, hung on a wall or just placed on your desk. If you feel a co-worker or roommate is doing something not to right, you can capture it discretely with this picture frame.

  • You can check to see when someone may be stealing from you.
  • Set the motion detector mode to see if anyone was there when you were gone, at home or in a summer home.
  • Leaving your kids with a nanny or babysitter. Always know what’s happening.
  • Making sure the Elderly are Safe – make sure you Elderly parents or grandparents are safe, even when they are sleeping. Use the RHEA IR night vision function.
  • Plug N Play – Just insert a memory card, plug it in and start recording!
  • Up To 2 Year Battery Standby Life
  • 30 Hours Non-Stop Recording Battery Life
  • 72° Viewing Angle, perfect for large areas
  • 720p HD Crystal Clear Color Video with Audio Clear to See Faces and Details
  • I.R. Night Vision (Invisible) Up To 9 Feet
  • Records 10 Min Per 1GB
  • Stores up to 5 Hours on 32GB
  • Use with any Photos
  • Free 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
  • 6 Customer Reviews and 5 out of 5 star rating


Hera 1080p HD WIFI Nanny Cam Wall Clock Hidden Covert Camera

2 – Best Hera 1080p HD WIFI Nanny Cam Wall Clock Hidden Covert Camera

This Zetroix Hera 1080p HD WiFi Nanny Cam Wall Clock is an easy to use hidden nanny cam built into an ordinary wall clock. The wall clock can record video with or without sound and stream to your smart phone for live viewing or record onto an SD memory card (not included) up to 128 GB. Watch family, pets, home or office via live video and sound on your iPhone, from anywhere.

All you need is a WiFi or a wired network in the area you want to use the wall clock. The single interface lets you set up automatic alarms and motion detection right from your smart phone. You can video right to the phone’s memory or install a micro SD card in the wall clock to save video without an internet connection.

Keeping an eye on things has never been so easy. The Hera Wall Clock Mammy Cam can be powered by plugging in the AC adapter or it can run on ts built in rechargeable battery that will last up to 6 hours. This Hera Clock has a wide angle 90 degree lens, pointing 15 degrees down so you can hang the clock on the wall at the standard clock height. The built in lens is placed between the 12 and 1 position so it is virtually unnoticeable.

  • Very Easy WIFI Set Up (Takes Less Than 5 Min)
  • 1080p HD Video Resolution (Clear Enough to Capture Faces and Details from Across the Room)
  • Ultra Wide 90° Viewing Angle Pointing 15° Down, perfect for any sized rooms
  • Watch and/or Record Live from Your Phone (Anywhere in the World)
  • Receive Motion Alerts on Your Phone
  • Stores up to 96 Hours of Footage on 128GB
  • Records 45 Min per 1GB
  • 6 Hour Battery Life Works Operates from Battery or AC Plug
  • Compatible with Apple (iPhone/iPad), Android, Windows, Tablets & More
  • 1 Full Year Replacement Guarantee
  • 9 Customer Reviews and has a 5 out of 5 star rating


Antheia 1080p HD WIFI Nanny Cam Table Clock

3 – Best Antheia 1080p HD WIFI Nanny Cam Table Clock Hidden Camera with Rotating Lens

This Antheia Hidden Spy Camera Clock is the all in one covert security solution for size room or office. Being disguised as a normal desk clock this camera records full 1080p HD video with audio. Comes with a full rotating wide angle lens that scans almost the whole area. It is perfect for keeping an eye on the kids, the elderly, employers or unwanted intruders.

This Atheia Clock can be your 3rd eye over your home or office. The spy camera works like a normal clock while no one would know it is recording as it sits on your desk, nightstand, table or anywhere in your home. This Atheia desk top clock will send an instant message to you if someone is sneaking around your house. This way you can call home or call the police.

The hidden camera records full video at 1080p HD resolution. High Definition video makes capturing all the details like face recognition and things that other cameras would miss from across the room. Having an ultra wide angle with a 120 degree lens, it will capture twice as much of the area. It also can secretly rotate 330 degrees horizontally.

This feature works with your smart phone and rotates the lens with a swipe of a finger. All you would need is a WiFi connection where you place the clock. The app is free and carries no monthly charges. This camera will send you alerts, no matter where you are in the world. So just download the free app and view the live footage.

  • Ultra Wide 120° Lens with 330° Lens Horizontal Rotation
  • 1080p HD Video Resolution (Clear Enough to Capture Faces and Details from Across the Room)
  • Records Audio ( Can be turned on or off)
  • Very Easy Set Up Takes Under 5 Min
  • Watch or Record Live from Your Phone (Anywhere in the World)
  • MicroSD Card Slot up to 128GB (Stores 108HR of Video & Audio on 128GB)
  • Records 50 min per 1GB
  • Receive Motion Alerts on your Smartphone
  • Up to 3 Hours Battery Life (Work from Both AC and Battery)
  • 3 Customer Reviews and a 4.4 out of 5 star rating

Spy Cameras

Spy Covert Cams are everyday objects containing covert cameras. Alarm Clocks, Pens, Glasses, Light Bulbs, Phone Charges and more. Zetronix carries two types of spy cameras DVR and WiFi. DVR cameras record video to a memory card for playback on a computer or tablet. WiFi cameras send live video via your WiFi Network through the internet to display live video on your smart phone or tablet. Most of the WiFi cameras also have a DVR as well. These reliable Spy Cams are currently being used by Police/Swat, FBI and other Government Agencies.

1270p Super HD Hidden Camera Covert Video Recording Pen

4 – Best 1270p Super HD Hidden Camera Covert Video Recording Pen

The Zetronix zPen-Super HD is an ordinary pen with super high definition with video and audio capabilities. This pen records video at a resolution 30% higher than any other HD pen sold. The higher resolution sensor allows you to record more detailed videos and images from further away. Capturing faces and the most important details from these further distances.

A sliding clip lets you conceal the pen at a moments notice. This spy pen records video at 2304 x 1269 resolution with crystal clear audio. The Zetronix zPen Super HD is one of the easiest spy pens available to use, with a single press of a button it powers on, boots up and begins recording.

Since the reliability of this pen so excellent, it is the choice of Police Departments like the NYPD, Government Agencies and Private Investigators. The laser etched glass lens allows the maximum amount of light to enter the pinhole camera to produce a clear and vivid picture. This zPen-Super HD has a variety of modes; video recording with audio, clear still shots or voice recording.

  • 72° Laser Cut Glass Lens
  • 2.7K Full Color SuperHD Video with Audio
  • One button operation (Press one button boots-up and records automatically)
  • Military Grade Ultra Durable
  • Built-In Memory (32GB, 64GB, 128GB)
  • Stores Up To 5.6 HR on 32GB, 11.2HR on 64GB and 24 HR on 128GB
  • Records 10 min per 1GB
  • 60 Min Battery Life (Extended with USB Battery)
  • No Blinking LED 100% Covert
  • Free 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
  • 7 Customer Reviews and has a 5 out of 5 star rating


Allston 1080p HD Hidden Camera USB Flash Drive

5 – Best Allston 1080p HD Hidden Camera USB Flash Drive

The Allston 1080p Flash Drive Camera is a powerful surveillance tool that looks and works just like a normal USB flash drive. Due to its small size the Allston can be kept in your pocket, in your hand, on your desk or practically anywhere you would go. Its perfect for video on the go, capturing personal moments or keeping an eye on valuables.

This Allston records in HD video and audio in stunning 1080p HD while still working as a USB flash drive. Like a regular USB drive it can be plugged into your computer to download videos and pictures. It is one of the smallest hidden cameras sold. Even being so small this Allston USB flash drive captures faces and voices from across the room.

You will not have to deal with blurry footage or muffled audio. This Allston can record and store up to 3.2 hours of video and 32 GB micro SD card (not included). When the memory card is full just plug the Allston into your computer and upload the videos to the computer. This Allston can also date stamp the videos which can be crucial if ever needed.

The hidden camera flash drive has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 1 hour. This camera can be recharged very quickly by your PC or USB port. It can also be charged from an external battery pack while on the go for an extended battery life.

  • 72° Last Cut Glass Lens
  • 1080p Full-Color Video with Audio
  • One button operation (Press one button boots-up and records automatically)
  • Small, Durable and Resistant (Great Personal Security)
  • MicroSD Card Slot up to 32GB (Stores 3.2HR of Video & Audio on 32GB)
  • Records 6-10 min per 1GB
  • 60 Min Battery Life
  • No Blinking LED 100% Covert
  • Works like a regular Flash Drive
  • Free 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
  • 15 Customer Reviews and has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating


Orca 1080p HD Wide Angle Video Recording Waterproof Sport Camera Sunglasses

6 – Best Orca 1080p HD Wide Angle Video Recording Waterproof Sport Camera Sunglasses

The Orca, water resistant video sunglasses lets you get beautiful 1080p HD video and snap crisp 15 mp still pictures while recording video or in standby mode. The best thing is its all done hands free. These sunglasses with the built in camera always helps you capture a moment while keeping your hands free.

Taking in the HD quality resolution and the water resistance, you get a lot of value in a single pair of sunglasses that you can take anywhere. These glasses are built with a high grade polymer IP66 frame which means they are resistant to dust and the effects of temporary water immersion up to 3 feet for a duration of 1 minute.

The Orca Sunglasses have a rechargeable battery that only takes 2 hours to charge from a standard USB port and can record video nonstop for up to 90 minutes. Recording with these glasses is very easy. All you have to do is press a button on the arm to start them recording, if you want to take a still at the same time just press the button again.

You never have to worry if you are recording or not because Orca Sunglasses will vibrate and alert you when you stop or start a recording, a video, snapshot, have a low battery or even when the memory card is full. They also come with a built in 32 GB of memory that can store around 5-6 hours of video. Erasing and recording new files is easy and can be done unlimited amounts of time.

This also comes in a regular pair of glasses.

  • Crystal Clear 1080p HD Video & Audio
  • Available with 32/64/128GB
  • Stores 5+ on Hours of Video on 32GB/ 10+ on 64GB and 20+ on 128GB
  • Electronic Video Image Stabilization
  • Vibration Alert
  • Can Take Photos While Recording Video
  • Compatible with all version of Windows and Mac OS x
  • Waterproof up to 3 Feet
  • Noise Canceling Mic
  • 15 Customer Reviews and a 5 out of 5 star rating


720p HD Alloy Body Micro Size Body Camera with Attachments

7 – Best 720p HD Alloy Body Micro Size Body Camera with Attachments

This zMicro-DV 720 is one of the world’s smallest self-contained hidden video cameras. Made from high grade alloy, this device can take the abuse from any type of use, from the mildest to the most extreme. This tiny camera has huge possibilities. Coming with multiple accessories to wear it as a body camera or hide it in a house or office to be used as a nanny cam.

The zMicro-DV 720 comes with an 8 GB Micro SD card that stores up to 2 hours of video. Videos can be played back after recording by either plugging the camera into a PC or a Mac’s USB port or simply removing the memory card and put it into the memory card reader if you have one.

  • Only Micro Recorder that’s in Alloy Ballistic Metal Housing (Not Plastic like similar looking models)
  • 720p HD Video & Audio (Detailed Video from Far Away)
  • Multiple Attachment Included (Belt, Lapel, Purse, Etc)
  • 8GB Memory Included up to 32GB
  • Records 20min per 1GB
  • Stores 2 Hours on 8GB
  • Time & Date Overlay in Video
  • Great Solution for Personal Protection
  • Free 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
  • 2 Customer Reviews and has a 5 out of 5 star rating


1270p Super HD Professional Body Camera with IR Night Vision

8 – Best 1270p Super HD Professional Body Camera with IR Night Vision

Protect yourself and the people you serve with this Blueline Body Camera. This is the easiest and most durable body camera sold. Press record and know that the truth is being securely captured so that your integrity is never questioned. The controls on this body camera allows anyone to gather video, stills and audio recordings which can be played back on the camera or on a PC.

Data is store on a 32 GB solid state memory encased in a robust ballistic housing. It can withstand the most brutal abuse, combined with a 9-hour battery life and a 120-hour standby life which makes this police camera perfect for any shift. The Blueline Police Camera has a low-light H video sensor that records 2.7k HD color video and takes stills at a detailed 18 megapixel.

The 2″ LCD Screen lets you view what you are recording in real-time, plays back videos and photos instantly. Infrared night vision picks up all the details in complete darkness. The steel clip can attach to any pocket, belt, lapel, collar and most protective armor. A lapel-adapter attaches security to any standard uniform lapel at the shoulder and aims the camera forward at adjustable angles to target faces and allows easy access to the controls.

  • 2.7k SuperHD Resolution (30% Better than 1080p)
  • IR LED Night Vision Lights up Video up to 45ft
  • 9 Hr Long Battery Life (Longest in the Industry)
  • One Button Touch Recording Operation
  • Ballistic Housing Made to be Abused
  • 1 Year No Questions Asked Replacement Guarantee
  • 5 Customer Reviews and has a 5 out of 5 star rating


Truro 720p HD Hidden Camera Video Recording Key chain FOB with IR Night Vision

9 – Best Truro 720p HD Hidden Camera Video Recording Key chain FOB with IR Night Vision

This Truro 720p HD Hidden Camera Key chain is a small Fob that looks just like the remote to unlock your car. But actually houses a hidden camera that records video and audio. Using its 720p sensor, the video will be clear enough to capture faces and forces with surprising detail from a distance.

The Truro video recording key chain is also equipment with an invisible IR night vision LED so you can also capture clear video during the day or night. Never miss an important moment, you will be able to record video instantly to a micro SD card with the press of a button.

This key chain FOB can record automatically when there is any motion. Charging and playback is easy, just plug the Truro into your PC or Macs USB port to playback, save, share or erase the files as you need. The Micro SD card (not included) can also be removed and plugged into your computers card reader or tablet.

  • Hidden Camera Lens Discrete and Unnoticeable
  • IR Night Vision Up to 10 Feet (Invisible)
  • 720p Video Resolution clear vivid video and picture that can tell faces and details
  • Quick Recording Operation
  • Small, Durable and Resistant (Great Personal Security)
  • MicroSD Card Slot up to 32GB (Stores 6-8HR of Video & Audio on 32GB)
  • Stores Up To 2HRS or Video on 8GB/ 4HR 16GB / 8HR 32GB
  • Up to 5.5 Hours Battery Life (2 HR with IR& WIFI)
  • Free 1 Year Replacement Guarantee
  • 5 Customer Reviews and has a 5 out of 5 star rating


HD Professional Series Dual Channel Car Fleet Vehicle Truck Dash Camera with IR Night Vision and GPS

10 – Best HD Professional Series Dual Channel Car Fleet Vehicle Truck Dash Camera with IR Night Vision and GPS

The zBlack Box-2000 HD dash cam is the most advanced car dash camera DVR System on the market today. This amazing new model will record video of the road including every blind spot as well as the drivers and passengers actions. There is only one way to know definitely what had happened before, during and after an accident.

This is why this HD Professional Dual Channel Black Box s so important, video evidence is indisputable. By having any accident on video, you will be able to tell if a driver was o the phone, driving dangerously or just not paying attention to what they were doing. The video will pinpoint the precise direction, speed and handling of the car.

The zBlack Box-2000 HD guarantees indisputable evidence of how fast the cars were traveling and what the driver had been doing just before the accident. Also, the video will show the GPS location on Google Maps and 3D shock sensors. With Dual Channel Low Light Sensitive Image Sensors this zBlack Box 2000 HD dash cam is equipped with 2 low light HD image sensors.

The 2 LUX rated sensor in the front and a 0.5 LUX sensor in the rear ensuring crystal clear images, even at nighttime, in pouring rain or dense fog. You will be able to capture video inside or outside the vehicle, no matter what the weather conditions are or the time of day. This amazing unit is equipped with IR LEDs, which allows video to record without interfering with the driver.

This Black Box would be great for: Taxi Drivers, Truck Drivers, Fleet Vehicles, RV’s, Uber or Share a Ride Vehicles, Limo Drivers, Delivery cars, Company Vehicles or Even Personal Drivers.

  • Front & Inside your Car or Truck Simultaneously
  • Records 2 Channel Video with audio, speed, GPS & G-Forces all at once
  • 290-degree field of view
  • Auto start & stop on ignition recording
  • Compatible with up to128GB Micro SD Card
  • Durable Design Ideal for High Impact Scenarios
  • Constant Loop Recording
  • 12 Customer Reviews and has a 4.4 out of 5 star rating

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