Speaking My Mind On Security

Speaking My Mind On Security

Security nowadays is getting to be an almost mandatory thing. In our schools, theaters, clubs, stadiums and almost everywhere. We definitely have to keep our eyes open, and if we see something, say something. It’s a shame that we have to live this way, but we do have to protect our families.

I cannot believe how these kids are acting nowadays. I feel that the problem mostly is their bringing up. When I was a kid, a smack was well deserved when I had done something wrong. (Or I was told “I’m going to put you through that wall if you don’t straighten out”). Now there are all kinds of phone numbers a kid can call if someone (even parents) lays a hand on them to correct them. I do not think this is right. I really feel if a kid is doing wrong, you have to correct his ways when very young or they will grow up to think they can get away with anything.

We have to do everything we can to protect our kids, they will be the future of this world. As they are growing up, if they get out of hand we have to do something, not just a pat on the hand and say, don’t do that again. So what are we suppose to do? There is a lot of help out there. We just need to ask for it, if needed. Not just say, not my kid.

There are all kinds of concerns now on social media, the phones, the computers and the iPad. I would like to show you some precautions that can be taken to help safeguard our children.

  • As young children, we should limit the amount of TV or video games they see and play.
  • Quality time with our children is very important. This way we show them we are the main influence in their lives.
  • There are all kinds of parental controls for the cell phones, computers, TV’s and IPad’s.
  • Sit with our children and ask if they have concerns and make sure they can trust you to talk about anything. Not having to go to their friends for misinformation on things they do not understand yet.
  • Our children take after us, so if we set a good example, they will follow.
  • Do not have the TV or computers in the child’s room, have them out where you can see what they are doing.
  • We need to watch the TV programs with them and discuss with them the choices they make will have an uplifted effect not a degrading one.

When there is, kindness, love, good communication, and appropriate expressions of affection, our children will have the security that will come from spending quality time with us as parents.

Security In Our Schools

Bringing a safe and secure learning environment to our schools is getting to be a bigger challenge more and more these days. Since I live in New York, the NYS School Board Association has brought these things out.

New York School Board Association

After the Sandy Hook incident in Connecticut, it brought the national attention to all because of the ages of the young victims. This tragedy brought new attention to school safety issues bringing better gun control laws, limiting the buildings access and installing plexiglas in the school doors with armed guards in the halls, which may help for a while. But will it get to the root cause of the violence?  The goal to achieve school safety is more of a mental health service in the schools and to promote a healthy student development all around.

Mental Health Resources Play a Large Role

There are ways to identify at-risk students’ and teachers and staff should be alerted to some of these following behavioral reactions.

  • Fighting with other students’
  • Overall breaking school rules
  • the students’ marks are declining
  • Absent from classes
  • Behavioral changes
  • Outbursts in the class
  • Social Media Messages – such as “I’m going to blow up the school”
  • Distancing oneself from the school community

If a student is showing signs of some of these, if not all of these, someone should definitely say something to a teacher or person in authority for the safety of his/her school mates. Everyone nowadays have to be aware of these external behaviors.

Students that feel they are the outcasts are the ones that are a greater risk for self harm or directing harm to others. It is most important that the schools have a procedure to deal with these type of students’.  School staff, counselors and psychologists could at least be ready to listen and help.

Building and maintaining relationships within the school community can help school violence from happening while helping achieve academic success. For a lot of students’ building a trusting relationship with adults is critical to learning. Some Doctors say “strong relationships keep schools safe”.

Students who trust their teachers are more likely to confide in them when something is not right. School engagement is essential. Students feel more connected with the school when they are involved in Extra Curricular Activities. The students’ feel safer and more likely to report a safety concern to one of the adults. While creating safe schools, the responsibility is shared, one size does not fit all.

The police feel the schools should have a security assessment survey for safety policies. Procedures and protocols. They also recommend that schools provide staff guidance on procedures regarding “disturbed writing and making threats”. It is the best policy if this becomes a concern to talk to the parents about a students’ behavior while making clear what is acceptable and not acceptable as school behavior.

For students’ that get suspended, the school may combine suspensions with community service and targeted counseling such as anger management. Students should also be taught about drug and alcohol abuse as well as cautioned against gang participation. Schools should also have instruction on suicide prevention which would include identifying and referring students’ in need of counseling. District support is the key to these approaches.

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I would like you to “Speak Your Mind” on School Safety. Leave comments below and I will get back to you.



2 thoughts on “Speaking My Mind On Security”

  1. Great article! Everyone must be vigilant and prepared for any scenario! It is unbelievable to me how the educators have become the scapegoats for so much regarding our children. It appears to me that in our society, the parents have managed to escape most of their responsibility. Thank you PC culture. lol. I’m a “young” father and wear my cabbie hat as an ode to times where being a Parent actually meant being a PARENT!
    Thank you very much for sharing!

    • Hi Benjamin;
      Yes this is how I feel also, both parents have to work to survive, but the children have no discipline when coming home from school, to do their homework and not be on the games as soon as they walk in the door. Thank God I am past this stage in my life.
      As always, Best of Luck.



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