Residential Burglary Prevention

What Kind Of Security Products Do You Have?

There are a lot of products out there to choose from, and there are a lot of criminals out there that try to hack or think of things to disarm a system. There are no scruples among thieves. So what kind of security products do you have to keep your family safe? Besides the 9 MM, the Shotgun, the 30-06, the 357 mag and the machete. (Just kidding).

There are DIY Projects For Home Security, most of the items are less then $100. Easy to install yourself and the family will be securer than with nothing on the doors and windows. Some people, when talking about security, just brush it off. Oh that will never happen to me. Until it does, and then it would be to late.

There are a lot of people out there that say, security is a minor thing because they live in a suburban area, where the statistics say there is not a lot of crime. But let me ask you something. If you were a burglar, would you try to rob a house in an area that you lived, where the people have hardly anything or go to a high class neighbor with a million dollar homes?

I am not here to alarm people but just to inform them. Everyone nowadays has to be aware of their surroundings, like they say “If you see something, say something”. Especially if you are a subway rider in the large cities around the country. Some people out there, don’t care about life or family. They just feel they cannot have some of the luxuries you have, that you work hard for, so their going to destroy as many people and things we have.

Wired Security Cameras

Some of the Wired Security Cameras on the market today would have to be wired throughout the house. If you have an attic, sometimes it is much easier. Most of the systems also have the ability to work with “Alexa” or most of the times with your iPhone. These systems usually involve a security company, where you can get most of the equipment free but you would have a monthly charge depending on the different systems they would have to offer.

These wired systems work extremely well for a summer home, where you are not living there during certain times of the year. When there is a breach in our security, the first thing the police look for are cameras around the surrounding areas. If there are no cameras, it just makes it much harder to identify the people that broke into your home.

There are other smaller things that could be done to help and deter a thief.

  • Around the house, where the windows are low, plant thorn bushes or rose bushes, where it would be difficult for a thief to break in through a low window.
  • Hang ornaments on the windows, so you would hear someone coming through a window while you are home, mostly in the darker rooms (bedrooms or studies) while you are sitting watching TV in the living room.
  • Have flashlights around the house in case the lights go out.
  • Have a front door key on a glow stick upstairs or the highest point in the house so it could be thrown to the cops as they arrive. This way they do not have to try to break in the front door.
  • Hang a bell on the inside of the doors. Front, rear and sliders. Just so you could hear if someone is trying to get into the house.
  • Designate a safe room, with the door opening out. Have a phone, flashlight and firearm if you own one, in the room with you.


Wireless Security Camera Systems

Some people would prefer not to run lines all over to connect their security cameras. Then they have a few Wireless Security Camera Systems, which are becoming more prevalent nowadays. Cameras that work off of the Wi-Fi in your home and can broadcast right to your phone also. Most of the time they are battery run and last a couple of years on the same batteries. I know, some of you out there, are saying, I don’t need any of that. So I would like to offer you a book for free on “How To Improve Your Home Security”.


There are some Wireless Security Camera Systems that can be bought at the different retail stores in your area. Or really you should price them in the stores and then online, a lot of times on line here would be cheaper. Depending on what kind of system you are looking for, will determine how good of a system you should buy. There are a lot of types of things we have to worry about today, like Cyber Security or Financial Security as we reach the retirement age. But it should be a no brainer for Home Security. Where we could get one more thing off our minds.

Cyber Security, for our cell phones and computers is another thing and will be addressed in a future post. But right now your family and possessions are the important things. I am sure everyone in this country has seen and heard the commercial on TV “Mommy, we have a situation” and the little boy cannot get the belt open on his pants while he is in the bathroom. Well we all don’t want to have a situation in our homes. So preventive ideas would be well worth it.

Free Home Security Systems

There are companies that are free of all installations, but charge a monthly fee. Then there are things like Armor Concepts that sell their products for under $100 and you can install them yourself.

I have found a company that will send you their equipment, for you to install and have a monitoring system for a small fee each month. They say a monitoring system is the best way to go, because there are people watching over the system that is installed 24/7. They call you first if an alarm goes off, and then it’s up to you if the right authorities would be sent.

So this is a decision you have to make, whether you want a wireless system to be sent and you monitor it on your cell phone or iPad. Or do you get a company with a monitoring system to watch for you (for a small monthly fee). Which ever one you decide on, it would be much better than nothing at all. If nothing at all, at least get a sign in the front lawn, telling everyone there is an alarm system installed. A great deterrent for burglars.


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