Looking to Buy a Home Security System?

Buying a Home Security System

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What kind of system do I need? To answer this question, we need to look at what size, kind, structure and amount of land we have that we are working with, indoor and outdoor. Lets take a look at the inside first.  A normal house, say 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths, has a kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway to the bedrooms. A basement made into a living space, 1 bedroom, bathroom and a kitchen.

This would be considered a high ranch or split level maybe. Ok, if we installed a camera in each room, it would be overkill. So what we do is put a wireless camera in the corner, behind the front door (high enough so the front door would not hit it). Another camera between the diningroom and livingroom to also take in the hallway to the bedrooms (now this could be incorporated in a wall clock or a piece of furniture). With wide viewing angles of the camera lens it will also take in the sliding glass doors to the deck in the yard.

With these systems now a days, you would only need these 2 cameras upstairs (inside) because the one behind the front door incorporates the stairs coming from downstairs and a portion of the kitchen, thru the doorway at the top of the stairs.

In the rear of the house outside you could have one camera on the far side of the building (not the deck side) and one in the front of the house high on one of the corners. Now you have 4 wireless cameras and it comes with a DVD player to record. While away from home, most of these DVD players that are recording can be sent to our cell phones if something happens.


What would be the best system for your needs?

There are a multitude of systems out there.  If you are looking for a very cheap system, you can go with the 2 cameras outside but inside you could use mini camera’s built into different items and not being shown at all. Such as wall clocks, small standup figurines, pens, clock radios, smoke detectors, light bulbs etc.

All the cameras should be wireless. Most of the mini cameras can be set up to record right to your cell phone. The outside cameras could be recorded to the DVD player in the hall closet which would have a DVD or an SD card.

Reolink Night Vision Cameras


Some of the manufacturers are: Fredi, Blink, Viofo, Mega Mini, Soospy, Pnzeo, Ricoh, all for indoors.  Outdoors I would recommend Swann, Blink, Netgear Arlo or Reolink.  These cameras have night vision and the distance to pick up movement to about 25 to 35 foot away. They are waterproof with a durable constructed outer casing. Some of them are also motion activated.  With an App, everything can be viewed on your smartphone.


How to install my new system (indoor and outside)

Indoors: All you have to do is place the cameras on a desk, counter, top of a TV cabinet, or end table in the livingroom or bedroom. Depending on how many you would need. Then set them up with your Wi-Fi, finished.

Outside: They have a bracket to hold the camera but it attaches to the house with 3 screws, right to the side of the building. The ones in the front and rear of the building may need an extention ladder to get them mounted.  They also have different kinds of door bells with built in camera’s to have outside the front door to see who is ringing your bell.

Ok, now you have the system installed.  What happens now, God forbid one of these alarms go off and you are in the house.  This is where you have to inform the family how to react to an alarm.  If a small amount of time is available, call 911 right away. Make sure it is not a false alarm. Keep a set of keys on a long lanyard or have a glow stick on the top floor, so they can be thrown out the window for the police this way they do not have to break down the front door.

Some deterrents would be to hang a bell on the front door, rear door and the sliding glass door to the deck. Install thorn bushes around low windows on the outside.


In Conclusion, the best part of all these security camera’s and things is there are no monthly bills because you are in charge at all times with your cell phone, laptop, ipad or computer.  If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave me a message below.

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