Home Security 24/7

Home Security 24/7

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There are a lot of people that have to have 24/7 security, not only at home but wherever they go. For instance the movie stars, a lot of people in politics, now a days some of the media, even some higher up people that have a lot of money because they own large business’ or are the CEO of exclusive companies. They would need protection for their families also. A lot of ex-cops take on the jobs of chauffeur and body guards for these people.

Where Can You Buy A Home Security Setup?

When you are going to buy a home security setup, there are different things to consider. If you are a regular homeowner, it would be completely different from if you were a millionaire. Millionaires can just call on a company to install cameras outside their homes and have paid people to keep them safe. While the normal homeowner wants the best quality for his or her money. Whether it is a wireless system or a wired system by a company, it would have to be able to keep the family and property safe.

So where can you buy a home security setup? There are many places to go. Most of the time it could be cheaper when you buy online. You get your equipment on time and if there is a problem usually it is returnable without a charge. I would suggest pricing it out in the stores and then come back online and see the prices we have here.

How Much Hard Disk Space Is Required To Save A Weeks Data On A DVR?

ZOSI 1080N/720P 8 channels 4-in-1 DVR HD TVI CCTV DVR Security System Network Motion Detection H.264 8CH Digital Video Recorder 1TB Hard Drive For 720P,1080P Security Camera System

When looking for a security system this question comes up all the time. Most people need the DVR to save at least a weeks worth of data. Depending on the amount of time, resolution of the picture, the frame rate, the mode and the type of recorder. Let’s break it down.

  • Amount of Time to Record — 1 week for 1 camera (2 cameras)
  • The Recording Resolution — Cif 320 x 240
  • The Recording Frame Rate — 30 frames per second (( 10 frames per second))
  • The Recording Mode — All Day 24/7
  • The Version of the DVR — H264
  • The Suggested Storage Space — 5 GB (9 GB) ((3 GB))

How Much Does A Security System Cost?

This all depends on what kind of system you are looking for and how much your budget will allow you to spend.  There are many companies that would wire your house with all kinds of cameras inside and out.  This would cost anywhere between $0 and $100 dollars, but then there is a monitoring system that costs a monthly fee. This fee varies, depending on the company you choose to do the installation. Examples of these companies are ADT, VIVINT, FRONTPOINT and PROTECT AMERICA.

You also have wireless systems that can be installed by yourself with a couple of screws for each camera.  The cost for these range from $30 per camera to approximately $800 for 4 cameras and a 6 TB DVR. Examples of these companies are NETGEAR (ARLO), LOREX, SAMSUNG and NESTCAM. SimpliSafe will monitor your wireless systems for a monthly fee of about $15 a month. A lot of these systems can be armed and disarmed from your smart phone.

Will The Home Owners Insurance Decrease?

Unfortunately, Security Cameras themselves will not lower insurance costs. You would have to have a Central Station Alarm Company that is monitoring your house 24/7. If available through your carrier, the discount for central station alarms is generally from 10 to 15% of a homeowners insurance premium. If this is the situation you could increase your deductable from $500 to $1000 so the percentage of the discount is higher.

What Are The Minimum Things Required to Secure A Home?

Depending on how many doors you have going to the outside, will determine the amount of security devices needed.  Each door, plus the garage door, can use the Armor Concepts hardware and get 10% off if ordered through this site.  A lot of the equipment installed cannot only protect your home but no one, even the police with a batting ram, could breakin the front door.  For sliding glass doors there are pieces that fit on the door jams. A lot of these pieces are less then $20.



Door Armor vs. Battering Ram from Armor Concepts on Vimeo.


There are items that can be set up inside the house to capture thieves or people stealing things on video while in the house.  There is also a Master Lock 265DCCSEN Duel Function Security Bar which can be used on the inside of apartment doors for only $19.98.

Tips For The Whole Family

Have a front door key on a glow stick upstairs or the highest point in the house so it could be thrown to the cops as they arrive. This way they do not have to try and break in the front door.

Install thorn bushes around the lower windows, so if someone trys to get in, they would maybe leave some skin around, DNA is a great way to identify people.

Have flashlights upstairs and down, you may have to turn the lights off.

Hang a bell on the inside of the doors. Front, rear and sliders. Just so you could hear if someone is trying to get into the house.

Designate a safe room, with the door opening out.  Have a phone, flashlight and firearm if you own one, in the room with you.

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  1. I love this article! Very informative and I like the suggestions for apartments. I also like the free or lost cost suggestions like the thorn bushes. Great idea!

    • Hi Davona;
      Hope all is well with you. I hope you never come across a person trying to break into your house or apartment. As you say this is informative, but you have to put some of these suggestions into good use. Did you see the video? If you are not looking to spend a lot of money, the Armor Concept hardware is the cheapest and well effective way to secure the doors and windows.
      As always, best of luck to you.

    • Hello CT Brown;
      Hope you are doing well this morning. I happened to find some of these things going through the net. Just wanted to let people know some of the simple things that could be done, so they don’t have to spend a fortune to secure their homes and family. What part of the country are you from? I will definitely go through your post and leave a comment. Great to hear from you and wish you all the best.


      • Hi again Bill,
        I’m in Virginia. And you are so right about not having to spend a fortune! Of course, I think most things are that way if you have decent health and a little desire.
        By the way, I went to your google+ site to get to your page. You are quite a busy man. It’s a bit hard on us behind you with all that dust you’re stirring up. LOL
        Take care.


        • Hi CT;
          So Virginia hah, hopefully you are having better weather then we are. We just had 12″ of snow, and still trying to dig out. I’m in NY if you haven’t guessed already. Still working on reading your site. Will get back to you.


  2. Good article! I have been researching home security cameras for some time and have been blown away at just how many options there are. I will be looking into these specific companies you mentioned! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Benjamin;
      I have read your Earthsascent.com and can see why you are looking into home security cameras. What state are you from? These security camera’s can be picked up right from my site. Wishing you the best in picking out the right ones. Also with your Easthsascent.com.



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