Crime In Our Streets Today

Crime in our streets today


The crimes today are scary and more prevalent in our streets than ever before. Every time we turn around there is another person being held up, knifed or even killed. So what are we suppose to do?

Some states have laws that you can carry pistols, but from what I hear, it is more dangerous to have one and it can be taken away and used on you.  The police are there to serve and protect, but can’t be everywhere.  So what are we suppose to do?

There are more and more house invasions lately then I would like to beleve.  If coming home late at night and seeing the garage door or front door open we would definately not enter the premise.  So what are we suppose to do?

There is a very close family friend just the other day, escaped a kidnapping.  Went to the police and reported it, but they could not really do anything because no crime was committed.  He happens to be a wealthy gentleman and would give you the shirt off his back, if you needed it.  Coming home late from work the other night, he is accousted at his house as he entered it and was stabbed 6 times and left for dead.  A neighbor heard the ruckus and called the police.  He is in the hospital as of now and we are not sure if he will make it or not.  So what are we suppose to do?

Home Invasions

A home invasion is an illegal and usually forceful entry to an occupied, private dwelling with an attempt to commit a violent crime against the occupants, such as robbery, assault, rape, murder or kidnapping.  Most of these home invasions are committed between the hours of 6 PM and 10 PM, because they know everyone in the house would be home.

There have been about 3.7 million burglaries each year.  About 1 million of these, there were a family member home and over 266 thousand vicims of violant crimes.

The jail time for a 2nd degree burglary, which is a felony, is a maximum of 15 years and a $3000.00 fine. A 1st degree burglary is breaking in without permission to commit a felony, larceny or assalt.

There is a big difference beween a home invasion and a burglary.  A Burglary will be most of the time, during the day when no one is home and there would be no violence unless cornered. Where a home invasion is usually committed at night when people are home to commit a violent crime.

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 So how are you suppose to protect yourself and family? Here are some ways.

Keeping yourself and your family safe from Home Invaders is a lot more than owning a gun.  You need to know the laws of your city and state, how to use a gun & prepare your house adn family for all emergencies.

1 – There is a place in Bellebiblle, NJ, now open to the public called “Gun For Hire” where they teach you the right way to protect yourself with a gun. They teach with a series of simulated gun fights using high velocity paint-ball pellets.  All the teachers are well qualified either being regular cops for a long period of time with swat training or combat training in Afghanistan.

2 – Now that you have purchased a gun, it comes with a lot of responsibilities.  Depth perception and peripheral vision are needed in an actual gunfight  So prectice with your eyes open.

3 – As a deterent, you could plant thorn bushes arount the windows outside.  Blood, skin and torn clothes are good evidence if needed.

4 – Hang a bell on the inside of the doors. Front, rear and sliders. Just so you could hear if someone is trying to get into the house.

5 – Designate a safe room, with the door opening out.  Have a phone, flashlight and firearm if you own one in the room with you.

6 – Store your firearm in a safe place but be able to get to it.  Keep a flashlight with it so you can make sure you are not going to point it at a cop, neighbor or family member.

7 – The laws are different according to the state you live in.  In NJ, you can only shoot if you or your family are threatened.  In Ohio, you can shoot a traspasser.  In the NJ classes, they tell you that for every bullet fires there is a lawyer attached.  Make sure you check the laws in your state.

8 – If you get stuck on the top floor, keep a glow stick with a front door key so it can be thrown to the arriving police for access.

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Secure Your Home Today


Sometimes as a deterent you can install wireless security camera’s on the outside and wireless mini camera’s on the inside.  These operate on motion or can be set up to record at the times you would need them. Also flood lighting can be installed with motion when someone walks in front of it. Just make sure the light is shining outword or you would blind yourself instead of a perpitrator.


Conclusion: bring in the camera’s

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