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Prevent Break-In’s

Break In Prevention

We all know that we want to protect our families first, and then our possessions. It would take a burglar or home invader only takes 10 seconds to break into your home. There is a place that I have found that sells items for less than $100 each.

OK, so now you have an alarm in your house, you own a gun, and you finally installed those outside security cameras. You feel your house is secure. Most people believe home invasions and burglaries happen on the other side of town, but the fact is that crime happens everywhere.


  • It takes less than 10 seconds for an intruder to kick in a door.
  • Police response to a home alarm is greater than 20 minutes.
  • An alarm does not work until AFTER the intruders are inside.
  • 95% of alarm users do not use the alarm while being active in the home.
  • An experienced thief is in and out of your home in less than 5 minutes.

Creating Safer Communities

In 2004 when they started, the owners of Armor Concepts were buying, fixing them up and selling homes while the thieves kept kicking in the doors and robbing everything they had put into these homes during the day. It cost them a small fortune, so they had to came up with a solution.

Now 13 years later, they have secured over 250,000 doors. But every time, they hear of another break in story, it reminds them of all the hassles they used to have in the beginning when they started out. More than 75% of their customers live in rural and suburban areas. If they did not have to solve the problem that cost them real money, they would not be here today. If you are reading this, you are either scared or trying to solve a problem.


Failure is not an option when someone is threatening your family or your property. These people stand behind their product because they know and understand what it is to be a victim. They offer unmatched guarantees on the products because we are all in this together.

Over time, they have developed different variations of the product. The variations have been because of customers wanting something easier to install, less expensive or in different colors. These items are made in the USA. Their mission is to provide effective, affordable security solutions and a guide to truly effective security solutions that anyone can afford.

The owners would like to thank all the customers for the feedback over the years. Listening to customers feedback has made their company unique and given the drive to move forward.

Armor Concepts Values

Protect Your Family
Armor Concepts

A lot of customers come to them after experiencing a break-in or loss. It is their goal to make sure that this person leaves in a better state of mind than when he or she had come into the place. To that end, they try everything possible to insure your experience with the company and products exceed your expectations in every way. If something is not right, just let them know and they will make it right.

Many people talk about doing great things. But most of the time, talk is cheap. If you view their site, you will see that most of the marketing materials are made up of customer reviews. They believe that talking is not necessary when others see what you can do.

This company will only produce and sell products that they believe in and used to protect their own families. Constantly looking for better ways to protect everyone. Never satisfied that their way is the best way and never stop leaving and searching for better answers in everything they do.

Your family and health are the most important things in the world. Your home and investments are things people spend their lives working to attain. Mine and their passion is to help people protect their families and secure their property. They strive at all times to provide quality products with honesty and integrity. The goal is not to “sell” anything to a customer. It is to provide you a range of solutions and when you choose what is best fit for your budget and application. If you cannot find a solution to your problem on this site, contact us and we will do our best to help you find a solution somewhere else.

Their promise is that you will not spend more on any product that they sell than that product will save you. How much is your family or investment property worth? How much does it cost to repair a damaged door or replace what is stolen in a burglary?

This link below, will actually take you to their site and you can see the video for yourself, that a battering ram cannot break a door down with Armor Concepts products.

Door Jamb Armor from Armor Concepts provides professional-strength security against door kick-ins. 


Door Armor vs. Battering Ram from Armor Concepts on Vimeo.


Thank You, For Your Service

Freedom is a gift. Please accept our Thanks for keeping us all safe.

If you are a police officer, fire fighter, active military or service veteran, please accept a 25% discount on everything in our store. Just fill out the comment form below and you will be emailed on how to receive this promotion.

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