3 Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Camera’s

Night Vision On Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

As we know, nowadays, if a crime is committed, the first thing the police or investigating officers look for is a security camera. Whether it being on our building or across the street. Most crimes are committed at night and if the cameras had night vision, they would be very helpful in solving some of those crimes. Everyone nowadays has a cell phone with cameras and video. We all know this because if anything happens in the street, within 2 hours it is on the news and TV.

Well you can use the cell phone for your own security also. Most of these outdoor cameras are used with the Wi-Fi from your house or from a satellite. If anything is taking place at your premise, it is picked up on your cell phone and it even has voice control. Everyone wants to protect their home from the bad guys after dark.

So you have to make sure you can get the right security camera with some form of night vision. With infrared sensors, image clarity and a wide field of view, the night vision security cameras can capture any criminal activity in darkness with almost the same clarity as if it were daytime.

With the voice control, you can yell at the person from your cell phone and tell them “don’t even try” and then call the police. Want to let you know about some of these wireless cameras. Indoor and Outdoor.

Cameras are one of the best ways to deter burglars during the day when no one is at home. These security cameras are a key component in the security of your family and house. Unless you have a big dog and he doesn’t like raw steak. They come with a variety of features and with so much to choose from, its hard to now what’s best for you.

Some of the important features are:

Motion Detention – The camera sends a notification when motion is detected.
Field of View – The wide angle lens on the camera itself.
Sound – Built in microphone and or speaker.
Wi-Fi Capabilities – Meaning wireless camera’s being able to see and hear on your cell phone.
Night Vision – The distance your camera can record with low to no-light situations.
Movement – This is when a camera can pan and or tilt with motion while recording.
Cost – Is always a factor when buying something, you definitely have to know the whole price before buying.
Resolution – The clarity of the camera when it is recording.

Blink XT Wireless Camera

Blink XT outdoor camera- wireless and weatherproof.  This camera’s 100% wireless and battery operated.  Inside and outside can be protected with this camera.  The Blink is very easy to set up an a fraction of the cost of other home systems because it doesn’t have any subscription costs or data storage charges.

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Product Details:

Blink XT Home Security Camera System for Your Smartphone with Motion Detection, Wall Mount, HD Video, 2-Year Battery and Cloud Storage Included – 1 Camera Kit

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Could be used indoor or outdoor
  • Weatherproof
  • Motion Detection
  • Infrared Night Vision
  • Instant Alerts on your cell phone
  • HD Video
  • Battery lasts 2 years


Swann Smart Security Camera

Swann indoor and outdoor security camera is a 100% wireless security camera that’s rechargeable.  This unit is complete with true detection, heat based motion detection which generates a reliable recordable video when activity is detected.  All anyone needs is the camera, a Wi-Fi connection and a smart phone to start monitoring.

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Product Details:

Swann Smart Security Camera: 1080p Full HD Wireless Security Camera with True Detect PIR Heat/Motion Sensor, Night Vision & Audio

  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Night Vision Distance 32 Ft
  • Audio – Yes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage Weatherproof
  • Wi-Fi Frequency 24 GHz and 5 GHz
  • Wireless/Rechargeable Battery
  • Warranty for 12 months
  • App: Safe by Swann to View, Control and Listen 24/7


Netgear -Arlo Smart Home Camera

Netgear-Arlo smart home indoor/outdoor wireless high definition IP security camera in White/Black.  Keep your home and business secure with this Netgear-Arlo Smart Home VMS3130-100nas wireless IP camera which has a weatherproof construction for recording indoors or outdoors.  This has a motion activation which initiates automatic recording and provides alerts.

Product Details:

  • High Resolution Video Footage to 720p
Check The Price On Amazon
  • Night Vision up to 25 feet
  • 130 degree field of view – wide area
  • Live Stream your Arlo cameras on Amazon Echo with simple voice commands
  • Motion activated records and sends an email or App Notification
  • Weatherproof in temperatures from 14 to 122 degrees
  • Magnetic Mounts or Screws onto flat surfaces
  • Downloadable Apps so you can view live video from your phone, iPad or computer
  • Has Cloud Storage


You can check all the prices on these outdoor security cameras at Amazon, just click any of the pictures.

If you would need any help, just scroll down to the bottom and leave me a message.

Happy Hunting……


4 thoughts on “3 Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Camera’s”

  1. Swann indoor and outdoor security cameras are awesome. I used Swann Smart Security Camera: 1080p Full HD Wireless Security Camera with True Detect PIR Heat/Motion Sensor, Night Vision & Audio to wake up and record reliably when people or animals are detected (I mostly end up getting video of the dog drinking water), but there are some clips with no people or animals when the sun is bright and the wind is up in the afternoon. I do have the sensitivity set to the highest level, though. Also, the image quality is great when zoomed out, but it does get pixelated when zoomed in. All in all, not perfect, but a good value over higher priced cameras out there.

    • Thank You Alvaro for this incite on the Swann security cameras. Maybe you could use some of the mini camera’s on the other posts for inside the house. Either way I would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year.



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